weed1. Preparing Garden Plot

Before you break ground on a new garden plot, or have an existing garden that has many weeds and grasses, treat the area before seeding and planting.

OMRI Listed ferti·lome® “Green” Label Grass & Weed Killer is an organic choice; after application you can plant or seed 5 days later.  With Hi-Yield® Super Concentrate KILLZALL™ you only need to wait 3 days after spraying to plant seeds or transplants, except tomatoes which need 30 days. Both of these are non-selective weed and grass killers that kills all weeds and grasses, roots and all.


2. Preventing Weeds

Weed prevention in the garden can occur two different ways, before and after planting. For both ways, use Hi-Yield® Herbicide Granules. Hi-Yield® Herbicide Granules is the exact same formula as the red lid national brand competitor. This weed and grass preventer needs to be applied before weed seeds germinate in order to prevent weeds. It will prevent weeds for 6 to 8 weeks if it is incorporated into the soil (worked in well, not just on the surface) so needs to be re-applied every month and a half. If applied to the surface it will prevent only 4 weeks, so re-apply monthly.

Before Planting

Apply and work the granules into the soil at 1” to 2” deep to provide control for up to 8 weeks; 2” to 3” deep will last 10 weeks or more. Water after application and wait 7 days to plant seeds (see label) or transplants directly into the treated soil.

After Planting

Apply near plants at least 2” to 3” tall, lightly scratch into the soil and water in.


3. Controlling Grasses

Grasses growing around vegetables can be controlled with an application of ferti•lome® Over-the-Top or Hi-Yield® Grass Killer. (Competitor grass killers can NOT be applied around veggies.) Make sure to also use Hi-Yield® Spreader Sticker to increase the effectiveness of these two grass killers; with Hi-Yield® Spreader Sticker added to the mix, one application of grass killer is usually enough without having to make a second application. These are both very slow killers so it may be up to 2 weeks to see results.